LambdaConf is a non-profit devoted to helping the world write better software through education on the theory and practice of functional programming.


LambdaConf's primary offerings include events, training, and a growing selection of high-quality books published by LambdaConf Press.



LambdaConf offers on-site commercial training packages, taught by highly-experienced functional programmers. Topics include beginning, intermediate, advanced, and applied functional programming, in Haskell, Scala, PureScript, Elm, Clojure, Elixir, and more.


Price $4,000

1 days

Experience a full day of personalized training on any topic in functional programming.



Price $16,000

2 days

Have a team of up to 12 people trained with a rigorous, hands-on curriculum.


Price Varies

2 - 5 days

Have teams of up to 100 people trained with intensive curriculum that ranges from 2 - 5 days in length.


LambdaConf Press books are designed exclusively for the functional programming audience. They are written by highly-experienced professionals who are passionate about education, and they go through a rigorous editing and review process to ensure the highest quality.


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Alexander Konovalov

Alexander Konovalov


This is the first a number of portraits and interviews with various speakers of LambdaConf.

Harold Carr

Harold Carr


Two years ago while hiking at Chautauqua Park at the end of LambdaConf, I first met Harold Carr. A fellow Lisper and a Jazz bass player, Harold is precise and relaxed. His main focus is a blockchain project that he works on at Oracle Labs.

Meet Our Team

LambdaConf is a brand of Fantasyland Institute of Learning, dedicated to the promotion of functional programming.

LambdaConf organizes an annual conference in Boulder, Colorado, which is one of the largest and most respected conferences on functional programming in the world. LambdaConf also hosts workshops, seminars, meetups, and retreats around the world, helping people everywhere find better ways of writing software through the magic of functional programming.

Functional programming is a radically different, more principled way to develop software that is easier to reason about, easier to compose, easier to test, and easier to change safely. Functional programming has novel approaches to software quality, security, concurrency, distribution, and agility, and functional techniques have been popularized in React, Akka, Spark, Promises, and other libraries.

LambdaConf is committed to globally spreading awareness of functional programming in industry, and making quality education accessible and affordable to everyone who has a passion for finding better ways to write software.

Matthew De Goes

Matthew De Goes

Starving Artist / Fed Developer

Courtney De Goes

Courtney De Goes

Logistical Magician

John De Goes

John De Goes

Chief Prophet of Functional Programming

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