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Advanced FP Training

2016, September 8-9th | Lake District UK

You already know Scala, but how well do you really know functional programming? The world of functional programming extends way beyond simple pattern matching and recursion!

The number of battle-tested Scala libraries that rely on advanced techniques in functional programming is rapidly growing. This list includes such hits as Scalaz-Stream (FS2), Shapeless, Scalaz, Cats, Spire, Matryoshka, FreeK, and countless others. In addition, more and more companies rely on advanced functional programming in Scala to build powerful, robust, and scalable applications that are correct-by-construction.

In this intense, two-day workshop, you will thoroughly learn the concepts necessary to dramatically improve your skills at advanced functional programming in Scala.

You'll go way beyond the basics as you learn about catamorphisms, type-level functions, fixed-point data, reified computation, endofunctors, lenses, and much more. When you're finished, you'll know how to build robust, type-safe, comprehensible functional programs.

No matter your past track record with functional programming, this workshop is your chance to finally understand the techniques and principles at a deep level, and to become the master of functional programming you were meant to be!

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