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You need to go. Best conference I've been to in several years. Yes, including StrangeLoop.


This weekend at LambdaConf was amazing in every imaginable way. Best. Conf. Ever. Thanks to all the staff! See you next year!


Pretty sure LambdaConf was the best conference I've been to. Mentally challenging, engaging and made me excited to program (and learn) again.


LambdaConf was amazing. Thanks to all the organizing staff for working so hard. Packed with content, yet beginner friendly and welcoming.


Ah, an awesome LambdaConf! so much food for thought, going to be thinking about this for months. Amazing talks and workshops!


Fantastic weekend at LambdaConf. Met some amazing people, well done to @jdegoes and rest of the staff on an event well done.


Last year I ended up being just a bit late to for Strange Loop tickets. Can't let that happen for LambdaConf, my current favorite conference


LambdaConf is all sorts of awesome - met lots of people, interesting discussions, informative workshops/talks. Absolutely amazing.


If you go to only one conf in 2016, make it this one.


Thank you for an AMAZING conference! Top notch! Truly awesome!


Feels like early Christmas - the LambdaConf 2015 video recordings were posted for early access backers! Can finally review the brilliance.


The 2015 LambdaConf art was too amazingly beautiful to not frame.


I had a great time LambdaConf 2015! Amazing talks and discussions of functional langs, plus hiking in beautiful Boulder!


The @elmlang workshop by @rtfeldman was a great wrap up to the amazing LambdaConf conference. Thanks to all who made both possible.


Bought my ticket for LambdaConf. Excited to attend again this year.


It's only my third conference ever, but LambdaConf has also had the best talks and workshops of the conferences I've been to.


LambdaConf was the best experience I've had at a conference. Thank you @jdegoes and everyone else for putting it together.


Epic, loved @puffnfresh's Idris workshop, mind-blowing wake up call. Whole thing reminds me of @strangeloop_stl in the best way


Really amazing how far LambdaConf has come in 12 months. Too many highlights to list.


Just submitted to LambdaConf: great conference, great people, great location!


I pouted last year then regretted not going to StrangeLoop. However, I think LambdaConf is quickly overtaking StrangeLoop as my favorite.


Just registered for LambdaConf 2016. Looking forward to more excellent talks and people this year!


Can we have LambdaConf this month, or do I really have to wait till May?


Yet again, LambdaConf delivers an amazing round of great presentations. Can't wait until next year!


Bye-bye, Colorado. It was an awesome experience at LambdaConf. I hope I'll see you all next year.


I've recorded more than 50 tech conferences. LambdaConf is 1 of 3 to provide daycare for its attendees w/children. How awesome is that?!!