Harold Carr

Interviews 31 May, 17:00

Two years ago while hiking at Chautauqua Park at the end of LambdaConf, I first met Harold Carr. A fellow Lisper and a Jazz bass player, Harold is precise and relaxed. His main focus is a blockchain project that he works on at Oracle Labs.

Originally a Jazz musician on the road for ten years before being a programmer, when his daughter was four and his son was two he decided “I didn’t want to...

Alexander Konovalov

Interviews 11 May, 15:00

This is the first a number of portraits and interviews with various speakers of LambdaConf.

I recently had the chance to talk with Alexander Konovalov about his path being a functional programmer and the topics of his presentations. Alexander loves abstraction, yet he is anything but myopic. He likes to explore systems and perceive abstractions coming from the micro or which extend to the macro. His background in Math and Science informs his speech with...